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♔ “Anne Boleyn is a paradox. She is not the product of fiction; she was a real woman with gifts, talents and personality traits, but also personality flaws. She was a complex woman with many characteristics, and while she was at times quick-tempered and feisty, there was also a different side to Anne. She was a virtuous woman, a good friend to those she loved, and an obedient, loving daughter. She was ambitious, courageous, and a patron of the arts and of the ‘New Religion’. She was a kind and charitable woman, known for the large amounts of money she gave to the poor and needy. She was a loving mother, who fought to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. Anne was loving and giving, and fiercely loyal to her family and friends.”


I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.
Free Speech


I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.

Free Speech



Someone finally notices Hannibal’s cannibal jokes.

This is such a big moment because in season 1, those puns were for us. Only the audience knew what Hannibal was and only the audience could laugh at their true meaning.

Chilton is on our side of the curtain now,


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asoiaf/mcu au: the avengers initiative. (fancast courtesy of janiedean)

let’s do a head count, shall we? your sister, the thunder goddess. a living legend who somehow manages to live up to the legend. a couple of master assassins, and a wench with breathtaking anger issues, and you, big guy, have managed to piss off every single one of them.”

robb stark as captain america
jaime lannister as iron man
daenerys targaryen as thordis
jon snow as the widowmaker
ygritte as hawkeye
brienne of tarth as the hulk




I know there are heated debates and people have been wronged on both sides of the arguments. However, I want to ask one question to pro choice people that will help you understand where pro life comes from.

Put aside your beliefs/biases/experiences please for this question and answer honestly.

"If you honestly believed that a fetus is a human life, wouldn’t you do anything to save it from being killed?"

Because pro life people truly believe, based on science, religion, or personal experience, that every fetus is a human child. Therefore we feel we must do everything in our power to save that life. We don’t always get it right, and there are some people who are cruel and heartless, but at the crux of our argument is that life deserves to be saved.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if I truly believed that abortion killed a person, I wouldn’t do anything like what 99% of anti-abortion agitators do.

You put pennies in a box.

You make signs.

You scream misogynistic and violent insults at women who are seeking unspecified health care services at health care facilities, some of which don’t even provide abortions to begin with.

You push laws that target the abortions that are most often life-saving, most often applied to non-viable fetuses.


What they instead speak of is an intense desire to project oneself into a life-or-death conflict, but one without any actual stakes and one that does not require much more than symbolic gestures on behalf of the “believers”. 

As a bonus, you get to feel better than a bunch people just normal people like you. You get to feel like you’re a crusader for truth and justice in a world full of people so evil, they’d kill babies for fun and profit.

And when you’re out on the picket line, you can engage in the deepest, most shameful impulses that a human being can wrestle with as you shout vile things at the people trying to enter the clinic. Actual people, who are often actually at the most vulnerable part of their grown lives, possibly people who are wrestling with health problems, possibly people who are dealing with the devastating reality of finding out that a fervently desired pregnancy is not safe or non-viable… and you can reduce them to tears. Such power! You and your friends can mob up (strength in numbers) and shout whatever you want this person. You can completely dehumanize an actual human being standing right in front of you.

And it’s okay.

Because you’ve got this fig leaf for your conscience where—when it’s convenient to do so, when it suits your agenda and your plans—you convince yourself there are these other actual human beings that you are standing up for.

You’re desecrating the everloving carp out of the human life standing in front of you, but it’s okay, because life is sacred. When it’s convenient. When it’s your alibi. When it’s your sword and shield.

But when it’s not convenient? Forget about it. Oh, man… if you truly believed that millions of tiny precious babies were being systematically murdered, would you be blogging about it? I’m not daring you to go out and prove your convictions by committing violence yourself, but even restricting yourself to non-violent means, don’t you think you would be doing something more than posters and pennies and posts if you really thought that “an American holocaust” (as so many anti-choice folks have crassly put it) was happening?

Man, I’m glad you asked me what we would do if we sincerely believed that there were all these lives at stake, because it really exposes how hollow the “pro-life” movement is.

Though of course, its hollowness hardly needs to be pointed out. It’s weird how many protestant Christian denominations suddenly did a 180 on abortion and the belief that a fetus was a person with a soul when it suddenly became a viable political wedge issue. Did you know that? As recently as 1979, you could have gone to a lot of the most pro-life protestant churches in the country and asked their leaders if fetuses had souls and abortion was murder, and they would have told you no, that’s some Catholic dogma that’s completely against the Bible. And they’d point to passages that suggest that no, God does not see a fetus as being equivalent to a person and send you on your way.

But then, somehow, suddenly… the inerrant word of God changed. Almost overnight. Why? Because the preachers had allied themselves with rightwing politicians, and between them, they saw a goldmine.

Because they understand the real question isn’t: what would people do if they honestly believed that babies’ lives were on the line, wouldn’t a lot of people vote for a politician who takes a bold stance against baby killing, since that demands nothing from the person casting the vote but lets them feel like they’ve done a huge good deed?

So they did that.

And a lot of people fell for it.

You give your votes, you give your money, you give your time to the cause. Not much from each individual, but it adds up. It all adds up.

And you will always do this.

Because baby killing will always be wrong, and it’s not like anyone’s asking you to fight a war, right?

That’s what politicians call a permanent wedge issue. The people who “vote life” can be relied on to vote against their interests, to vote against their neighbors, to vote against politicians who would improve the circumstances that lead people to require abortions.

Abortions go up when social safety nets are cut. Abortions go up when wages go down. Abortions go up when health care costs rise. Abortions go up when sex ed is inadequate.

But “pro-life” voters vote for politicians who are in favor of all of these circumstances that lead to abortions.

Isn’t that weird?

But you’ll effectively vote for everything that leads to abortions, because all you care about is that you get to register your vote against baby-killin’. 

The pro-life stance is about convenience and feeling good. 


remember that time when petyr baeilish was just a lil shit who believed in the songs and fairy tales but then he was raped, almost killed, humiliated, and banished; so now he’s a major shit that causes civil war because i do


remember that time when petyr baeilish was just a lil shit who believed in the songs and fairy tales but then he was raped, almost killed, humiliated, and banished; so now he’s a major shit that causes civil war because i do


So I just rewatched Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and I am full of emotions…

But I also realized.

The show tells us up front that Aya is not gone… And neither are the Manhunters. Sort of. 

The reason Aya died is because she had to delete all versions of the Aya Program. Aya uploaded this program into the Manhunters before she knew that she was alive.

So doesn’t it mean that the program itself have that spark of life within it as well? So all the manhunters have that spark of life.

This would be a plot twist that would have been brilliantly foreshadowed in “Blue Hope” when Aya is trying to teach the broken Manhunter to become alive and sentient like herself. She wants them to be alive. She wants people like herself. She wants to teach them.

If Aya did not realize that her programming contained life within it until the moment Hal showed her the video of The Science Officer (I can’t remember her name right now, I’m sorry) explaining it, it stands to reason that in her Aya-Moniter mode that she uploaded her programming without realizing she would also be uploading life within them.

And we know that The Science Officer was not able to stamp out the life within her even when she tried to make her into a Nav AI. Even Aya deleting her emotions couldn’t stamp them out fully. Life continued to exist within her. 

So perhaps if the show had continued, maybe, we would have seen Aya, and all the Manhunters, thriving on their own planet as an emotional, alive, civilization. Razer, Hal, and Kilowog would be confused and defensive at first, but then Aya would show them that the Manhunters are just as alive as she is. They now understand. They are synthetic life forms like in mass effect!! 

As Jeff Goldblum puts it in Jurassic Park: “Life, uh, finds a way…”

So, of course, she still could have deleted all of them and killed them all. But we saw her try to delete her emotions and they did not go away. I’m not saying Aya is not powerful, rather the opposite: her life is too powerful to be so simply snuffed out. And now she has a civilization of people alive with her. That can’t all just disappear. It will manifest again. Somehow or another it will.

(This is all of course just theory and speculation, but I wonder why this didn’t occur to me before. There’s nothing really to suggest that the program itself doesn’t contain the life, and so perhaps the Manhunters continued attacks were simply based on stubbornness and that being all they knew. Just like Aya continued to want to destroy everything simply because she stubbornly thought that would be the best thing to do. Just a lot of thoughts.)